Common Children’s Playground Equipment

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A playground is an area specifically designed for children of various ages to play. Children playground equipment is any tool that is designed and intended for use by children in the playground. Most playgrounds are mostly outdoor. Children’s playground equipment plays an important role in the growth and development of children. While acting as a source of recreation and enjoyment, this equipment helps small children in developing their physical strength, body flexibility as well as physical coordination.

As a medium of interaction, a playground equipment promotes social and emotional development in children. A playground equipment can be a single tool, structure or a combination of structures. Every equipment is designed to meet a certain fulfilment and enjoyment. Some of the most common playground equipment are below.


This equipment has different dimensions depending on the target group of children. It can be of different shapes but the ultimate intended experience is to ride children in a round manner at different speeds. The ability to customize the speed and sometimes the movement is what makes merry-go-round one of the children’s favourite playground equipment. Merry-go-round offers children a dizzying ride, whether the ride is hand driven or electric-powered. Some of the benefits of this equipment to children include; strength balance & coordination, increase in vestibular stimulation to children with autism, and kinaesthetic awareness development.


Slides are structures with a smooth surface that enable children to slide from a higher point to a lower point. To prevent children from falling, slides may be flat or cylindrical. There are different types of slides found in a children playground; tube slide, straight slide, wavy slide, drop slide, and spiral slide among others. Water slides have water running through them to enhance the slippery of children. They keep children happy while still developing their skills which are then carried to adulthood.

Swings and swing sets

These are hanging seats that are suspended either using ropes or chains. A child sits on the hanging seat and it is set in motion and continues to oscillate in a pendulum manner. When many seats are suspended from one metal or wood, it is known as swing set. A swing set gives an opportunity for more than one child to experience the oscillation. Swings help children in developing body balance.


They are boards, metals or similar tools supported by a single pivot point. Children utilise it by sitting on both ends. They then control their movements and weight such that when one end goes up, the other goes down.

There are many other types of children’s playground equipment. They may vary depending on the setting, purpose, and users. They include; chin-up bars, spring riders, toys, spin wheels, water bikes, bumper cars, amusement rides and many more.

Children’s playground equipment plays an integral role in early child development. While there are many equipment options out there, choosing the most effective ones in child development should be a priority.