How you can claim criminal injury compensations

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If you thought that a Criminal Defence Solicitors just dealt with crimes against property or the person then you may be amazed tolearn that there are many types of cases that could involve a Criminal Defence Solicitor.Here are five of them:

  1. Money Laundering

One of the cases where criminal defence solicitors are involved is in money laundering. Money laundering can be defined basically

as concealing the origin or destination of money or other assets. The money or assets could be the proceeds of a crime, for example, a burglary or could be because of tax evasion or false accounting. Rather than arouse suspicion by either spending a lot of money on extravagant things that would typically be unobtainable or depositing a lot of money into a bank account, money laundering enables those involved to “hide” where the money has come from or where it’s going to.

  1. Internet and Computer Fraud

Internet and Computer Fraud is a developing threat to all users of the Internet. Common fraud includes trying to get user’ personal data by sending out “phishing” emails, pretending to be from banks or other genuine sources, hacking into organizations’ databases to steal financial data, or to crash websites, known as a Denial Of Service attack. This is another area where criminal defence solicitors will usually be involved.

As such an extensive amount of our business and personal life is done on the online, internet and computer fraud can be extremely beneficial.

     3.Identity Fraud

Identity Fraud is increasing, and it is getting simpler as people are not as security conscious about their personal details as they should be. Passports, credit cards, driving licences can be duplicated and faked quickly and easily by those who know how.

A casualty of identity fraud can find themselves landed with large loans taken out in their name and often in arrears, traffic violations, and can end up themselves facing criminal charges due to non payment of loans or fines.

  1. Drug Importation and Supply

Those involved with importing and supplying drugs are regularly working for bigger organisations, and frequently in many countries. As drug smuggling turns out to be more lucrative, the more people will take the risks involved. Now and then the individual caught importing drugs may be only a tip of the iceberg.

  1. People Smuggling

Criminal defence solicitors are also involved in case of people smuggling in this way; Some people are involved in people

smuggling, regardless of whether to provide an escape from a life of poverty and misery or then again, to provide cheap labour in countries where labour is relatively costly.

Now, you know what type of cases Criminal Defence Solicitors gets involved in. It can be reassuring to know that if you require one, a Criminal Defence Solicitor will have the capacity to deal with your case.