Benefits of Self Publishing

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The number of authors self publishing their books is increasing nowadays. Here are some reasons why people choose the self publishing path:

No more rejection letters
Why do you have to burden yourself with writing proposals to dozens of publishers and end up getting rejected? It will only make you feel your book is not worthy to be published. With self publishing, there is no waiting, no writing of synopsis of the story, no staring at the wall. You will just go straight with publishing your book!

One strategy to consider is to self publish, make sure the book sells well, then if you still want to get a traditional publisher to publish your book, they would consider you more seriously given your track record.

You are in control
Traditional publishers revise your book to make it “better”. You are the creator of your work. You are the author. Why would you let someone edit your novel for their own convenience? That is your story; idea; imagination and hardwork. If you Self Publish your book, you have full control of your story. You will publish what you want to publish.

Most importantly, you own the copyright of your book. So you can sell, giveaway or bundle your book any way you want to, without having to get permission from your publisher!

You may earn more profits
Self publishing your book may give you more profit compared to a traditional publisher. You should earn all the money after paying for marketing and book printing. A traditional publisher will pay you 10-15% of the sale price of your book. Remember you also control the price of your book, so you determine how much profit you make for each book you sell.

Sell your book online
You may reach a larger audience with self publishing. You can sell your books in, Barnes & Noble like the traditional publishers do. With the invention of Kindle and iPad, readers are able to bring thousands of books everywhere they go. When you Self Publish your book, you are giving yourself a chance to be discovered like you never imagined. Traditional publishers will doubt your book but once it’s out online, you could be amazed with how many readers appreciate your work. Many successful authors have also sold their books via their websites, and earned a great deal of money in the backend after selling their books.

Your book is your own work
You are in charge of your book. Whatever you want to do with it, do it! No one will stop you. Write whatever you want. Design the cover the way you want it. It’s all you. You make all the decisions in your book from start to finish. A good self publishing company will be there only to provide you with publishing services, that’s it.

There are many self publishing horror stories out there, read them and learn from their mistakes. At the same time, there are multitudes of success stories with self publisher out there; be inspired and model their success.